Our Partners

No man achieves anything in life alone and I will be forever grateful to all the people who have helped me in my racing career. The support of my partners and sponsors is priceless.

Without the support of my partners, the step from karts to cars wouldn’t have been possible. Although I’m always driven to do my best for myself, I have a great desire to do well for my partners/sponsors as a reward for their investment in me and my team.

Achievements are more enjoyable knowing you have so many people standing behind and alongside you.

Our Story

Racing is in my DNA. The satisfaction I get whilst I’m racing is euphoric. Nothing beats that feeling! For me racing is instinctive and the feeling of adrenaline pumping through my veins is as addictive as the sport. ​


Continued Saloon Car Pro-Am

  • 1st pole position in class
  • 1st podium result
  • 1st race win
  • 3rd overall at 2020 Collie Icebreaker round
  • Started at rear of field in last race due to mechanical issues at September WA Sporting Car Club meet, finished 3rd* in class
  • Continued work with Kostecki family and Robert Marcon
* Finished 4th at flag wave, 5 second penalty applied to 1st position moved Chase up to 3rd.


Switched to Saloon Car Pro-Am racing

  • 1st year in tin top race car
  • Top 5 finish
  • Focussed on seat time with mentoring from Geoff Duckworth and the Kostecki Family
  • Entered Saloon Car endurance round with Jake Kostecki


Ran in KA3 Juniors

  • 3rd in 4 round Western Cup series
  • 1st at Tiger Kart Club, Cockburn, Carnival of Karts
  • Clean sweep at Tiger Kart Club’s City of Perth event, Qualified 1st, Won All 5 Races
  • 2nd at Bunbury State Titles
  • Entered City of Melbourne – Qualified in Top 10


Entered KA3 Juniors

  • Clean sweep at Esperance Go Kart Club, Qualified 1st, Won All 4 Races
  • Clean sweep at Kalgoorlie Go Kart Club, Qualified 1st, Won All 4 Races
  • Finished 1st and 2nd in two races at Albany Go Kart Club Southern Sprint
  • Finished 1st in South Eastern Zone


Entered KA4 Light class

  • Front row at Carnival of Karts final race
  • Overall 2nd in South Eastern Zone


Rookie Class renamed to Cadet 12, new engine, new tyre

  • Focussed on club days and seat time due to 2014 broken leg


Entered Rookie Class

  • 2nd in Hurricane Go Kart Club Championship
  • 1st race win
  • Won King of the Hill at Hurrican Go Kart Club
  • Broken leg sidelined Chase until 2015


Karting Career Starts

    • Tiger Kart Club Wanneroo Debut
    • Moved to Hurricane Go Kart Club
    • First Podium at Hurrican Go Kart Club Day
    • First major incident

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